Wondering what to get your child for Christmas and how to get it to them?

We have the answers!


We often get asked about what is the best way to send gifts to the children. Here is our policy, which is tested, tried and true: as hard as it is…it is best to NOT send physical gifts other than something than can fit into a Christmas card envelope. We want to keep Christmas as fair for all as possible, and big gifts make it really hard to do that. Their favorite things to get are LETTERS, CARDS, and especially PICTURES of the family or families that sponsor and support them and BGCH. Christmas gifts are purchased for the kids by our BGCH staff. If you are interested in helping with THESE purchases, click here to donate to the Christmas gift fund.

If you sponsor a specific child or children, when addressing your envelope or card, please include your child’s name and number, as well as, your own. DO NOT have your address or any other contact information on the card. The best way is to simply put your card or letter in an envelope, write your child’s name, number and your name on the envelope, then put that inside of a separate mailing envelope that you then send to us.

The DEADLINE for Christmas cards is December 13, 2017. Be sure to get yours in the mail so that they can reach us at our American office by then. We will be hand delivering them and will be leaving the country on December 15th to do so. Please send your cards to: BGCH, PO Box 612, Russellville, AR 72811. 


Thank you from all of us at BGCH!!

Take a look at some pictures of Christmas time at BGCH!

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