Cowboy Christmas

 A book for ALL ages, just in time for Christmas!


Cowboy Christmas is the familiar and classic Christmas poem “‘Twas the Night Before . . .”
adapted with a real cowboy story. Santa is an old cowboy in a wagon pulled by steers who
shows up KER-PLUNK! on the roof to bring a true Christmas message. By the time he has
finished his deeds, he tells the young struggling cowpoke the real reason for the season. The
illustrations are endearing and the old wrangler is good for a smile or a laugh!
The book is totally a unique production where the author is a Grandmother, the illustrator is
a local high school student and the graphic designer is a local college graduate. We are
combining our talent with some inspiration and hard work to bring you this cowboy twist on a
classic Christmas verse.

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$10 of your purchase goes to support the Boys and Girls Christian Home, and is tax deductible!
Use promotion code BGCH17 when checking out.

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