Building a Firm Foundation

Learn how you can partner on a necessary building project so Boys and Girls Christian Home can continue to provide life changing love and care to hundreds of boys and girls in India

Summer ends and the children of BGCH start a new school year.  

Excitement fills the air for days when the children get their new school uniforms; new dresses, new shirts, pants and ties. In their joy, many wake up before the morning bell that first day and pull out their clothes that they “freshly pressed” beneath their mattresses while they slept. Bright and early they start their days off memorizing Bible verses.

Then they file off to the dining hall and are given a breakfast bigger than their stomachs can hold. There are chores after breakfast, followed by baths and the big process of two hundred children getting ready for school. Bars of soap are in most hands and others carry laundry detergent to wash their clothes. Vaseline and coconut oil, combs and hair ties, are seen in every direction. Little clean faces beam with pride as they walk to school.

Check out these videos to learn more about the daily life for BGCH students

We are so thankful for how God has provided for us to be able to take care of our two hundred children!

Unlike many other child sponsorship programs, we provide for ALL of the child’s needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 10 1/2 months out of the year.

Food, shelter, clothing, education, medicine, mentorship, counseling & Godly training are just a few of the needs in these precious lives that we seek to meet.

Currently BGCH is as strong and vibrant as it has ever been. With more than 100 years behind us, we are looking forward with great anticipation to the future.

But now we face a great challenge. 

Our ability to provide these children with one of the most basic of human needs is threat-ened.

The roofs and buildings that have provided shelter for 50 years are failing. Summer is followed by rainy season. Rainy season and leaky roofs are a bad combination. With each and every day, through rainy seasons and droughts, the walls and foundations have become more and more hazardous to the well being of our children and staff. The boys’ dormitory is especially in bad condition. After only hours of rain, parts of the hallway are flooded.

Some mornings, the boys wake up in wet beds because of rain that came during the night. Be-neath their wet bed, sheets, and blankets are wet clothes. The boys shift their beds around to avoid the water, but it’s inevitable. Last year, thirty of our boys spent a couple weeks living in the dining room where they were dry and safe from loose pieces of cement. Roofs are cav-ing in, walls are crumbling to pieces around them; we can no longer, in good conscience, say that we are providing ALL of the benefits of a Christian home. Shifting the boys to the dining room was a temporary Band-Aid; it’s time for a permanent solution! 

The Foundation Project

Goal: $500,000

The foundations of BGCH that were set over 100 years ago were built firmly on solid ground. Over the years, provision has continued to come at just the right time. And now it’s time again. Several of our buildings, quite literally, need NEW, FIRM foundations if BGCH is to continue its legacy of provision, caring, love and new life. The Foundation Project is designed to prepare BGCH to continue serving students for generations to come. Here are the major elements to the plan:

1.) $335,000 – Demolition and new construction of the boys’ dormitory including a new kitchen, storage rooms and multi-purpose hall.

2.) $65,000 – Demolition and new construction of the current school/administration building. This will begin after the boys have been relocated to their new hostel and the former widows’ home has been converted to the new school.

3.) $55,000 – Renovations and repairs to the current girls’ dormitory as well as demolition of remaining small, unused old buildings around campus.

4.) $25,000 – Renovation of the former widows’ home. This building will be used temporarily to house the boys until the new dormitory is built. At that point, this former widows’ home will become the new school building.

5.) $15,000 – Restoration and rebuilding of the security wall that surrounds the 13 acre campus.

6.) $5,000 – Renovation and improvement of the grounds and general appearance of the campus. This includes, but is not limited to, hauling away all trash, building materials and scraps that are not used, using the abandonded swimming pool as a landfill for leftover debris with the intention of eventually filling in the remainder of the pool with dirt, and removal of farm animals from the center of campus to a place more suitable.

7.) Dedication Celebration – Introduction of the new campus to the entire Palmer family, the donors, and the India and American Boards. This celebration will take place upon completion of the above proposed projects.

We have divided the Foundation Project into 3 Construction Phases:

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Phase 1: Renovate Temporary Housing for the Boys and Construct the New Boys' Dorm

The first half of this phase of the Firm Foundation project is to create a safe place for the boys to stay in while the new dorm is being built. The former widows’ home will be used for temporary housing purposes. Necessary changes will be made to the widows’ dorm at this time in order to facilitate this arrangement. The second half of this first phase involves the boys’ dormitory which was built in 1969. It is divided into three sections to keep the boys in rooms according to their age. There are two bathrooms in the boys’ dormitory buildings as well. This building will be demolished and rebuilt in the previous location or according to the best layout plan for the campus long term. The rebuilt dormitory will also house the new kitchen, storage rooms as well as the multipurpose hall.

Phase 2: Address the Needs in the School/Admin/Offices Building

The second phase of construction and renovation is to address the needs in the school/administration/offices building. This building was the first one built on our campus in 1968. The ground floor of this building currently houses our offices and the second floor is the school with six classrooms. The renovations will include creating a multi-purpose room for staff and board meetings as well as moving the school to a separate location. After the boys’ dorm is built and the boys are relocated into their new dwelling, the widows’ home will then be renovated to house the school and its classrooms. The administration/office building will be built in the same location as the current administration building. This phase will begin after the boys have been able to move into the new boys’ dorm. This administration building will be the face of our campus and the first place guests see as they arrive on our campus.

Phase 3: Repairs to the Girls' Dormitory

The girls’ dormitory needs will be taken on as the last phase in our project. The two story girls’ dormitory was built in 1993. A few of the bedrooms, the prayer hall and the front hall-way get wet due to leaks when it rains for multiple days at a time like it does during rainy sea-son. The dining hall and its adjoining room need to be repaired as soon as the boys’ dormito-ry is completed. Architects have suggested that we build pillars in the dining room to keep the roof from sinking and becoming a holding place for all of the water. In addition, the roof would need to be repaired and restructured so that the water runs off quickly.

What You Can Do

Discover the different levels of giving to support the Foundation Project

Building Sponsors

Diamond: $250,000 and Up – A Diamond gift receives the distinct honor and privilege of having the new boys’ dormitory named in honor of the donor or someone (thing) of their choosing.

Platinum: $100,000 – $240,000 – A Platinum gift receives the distinct honor and privilege of having the new administration building named in hon-or of the donor or someone (thing) of their choosing.

Gold: $50,000 – $99,000 – A Gold gift receives the distinct honor and privilege of having the multi-purpose hall named in honor of the do-nor or someone (thing) of their choosing.

Wing Sponsors

Silver: $25,000 – $49,999 – A Silver gift receives the distinct privilege of having a wing of the new school building dedicated in their honor and displayed on a beautiful bronze plaque at the en-trance of the wing.

Bronze: $10,000 – $24,999 – A Bronze gift receives the distinct privilege of having a wing of the newly renovated and remodeled girls’ dormi-tory dedicated in their honor and displayed on a bronze plaque at the entrance of the dormitory wing.

Room Sponsors

Pearl: $5,000 – $9,999 – A Pearl gift receives the opportunity of being recog-nized by having their name listed on a plaque either outside of the newly built kitchen which will be part of the new boys’ dormitory building, or as a room spon-sor for one of the rooms in the new administrative building.

Ruby: $1,000 – $4,999 – A Ruby gift receives the opportunity of having their name listed on a plaque outside of the appropriate room signifying that they are the room sponsor for either a dorm room, or a school room. That decision will be of their choosing.


Boys and Girls Christian Home (BGCH) needs you!

They Are Weak!

The children of BGCH come to us as hungry, dirty, helpless children; some without fathers, some without mothers, all without hope.

We are challenged and called!

“Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless. Maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy.”

There are on average 200 boys and girls who live under our roofs and who call our place “home.” Some have no parents, some only one, however all have been brought to us because they need hope. Hope that they will eat, that they will have clothes, that they will be able to lay down to sleep in a safe place, that they will have water to drink, that someone loves them and will take care of them. But the greatest hope is that of the One who never leaves them or forsakes them.

Right now, our ability to provide this Hope, along with the shelter they need, is severely threatened.

With your help, it CAN happen – and it WILL! Contact us to get started or learn more:

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