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March 2016 Connect


Several years ago we introduced our “Roof Project”; the beginning phase of a multi-phased campus improvement vision for BGCH. Two years ago we shared with you the “Water Tower” phase which so many of you generously gave to in order to help us reach completion in 2015. This past July, as I visited our campus again, the staff, BGCH board and I addressed all other areas of concern throughout the campus. Together, we looked at every building from it’s foundation to its roof, and then we spent many hours with engineers and builders discussing what would be the best way to ensure that each of these buildings were strong and safe as we move forward into the future.

In general, we came to the conclusion that most of the buildings on our campus are way beyond their life expectancy.


Due to exposure, outdated construction, and time, our building are showing tre- mendous signs of deteriora- tion and in some places have become a very legiti- mate hazard and safety issue. As President of BGCHM, it is my responsibility to make sure that our campus is a safe place for our staff and students not only now, but in the years to come. Without the vision of men like my grandfather, George Palmer, or my uncle, Bob Palmer, we would not be where we are today. Now it is time for us to do the same.

I am asking you to pray.

We will be returning to BGCH in March to put the final touches on a five-year improvement plan that will address every need on our campus. We need wisdom. This endeavor will obviously require large amounts of money that we don’t currently have. These funds will need to be raised and in hand as we begin each part of the project.

This is big, but we know Who is BIGGER.

Doing what we do, in the part of the world that we do it, is not easy. Every day we face challenges that at times we can’t even talk about. We are in a dark place where the Light is rarely seen. We must be the beacon He has called us to be. I believe the money will came as we need it. I have seen God do too much to expect anything different.

Brad Palmer

Thank you for #givingtuesday

We are blessed...because we will not forget what we have received. You gave on Tuesday. And we received. You gave money for Christmas gifts and smiles. We received provision for beds and uniforms for 12 new girls who just arrived at BGCH this week. The girls pictured...

Firm Foundations Building Progress

Firm Foundation Building Progress In 2017, we broke ground on the "Firm Foundation" building project that involves repairing and replacing various buildings and structures around campus, including the boys' dorm, cafeteria, kitchen, multipurpose hall, administration...

Christmas Cards and Gifts

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