Miracles in Mason Jars




How many miracles can YOUR Mason jar hold?

At One Night One Cause 2016, the vision was cast and the challenge was given to take a whole year and see how many times we can fill a mason jar with the pocket change.

The point is to take what so many of us take for granted by throwing it in an empty cup holder, finding it in the bottom of the washing machine, or losing it to couch cushions and car seats and use it to bless the children of BGCH.  At next year’s event, in September of 2017, the 200 jars that are being passed out will be gathered and all “miracles” will be counted. The goal is to raise $100,000 for the BGCH campus rebuilding project, Firm Foundations.   What do you think? How many times can YOUR jar be filled this year?

Learn more about the Firm Foundations Project

If you have any questions about Miracles in Mason Jars, or would like one of our adorable mason jars to fill, please contact us by Facebook message (Boys and Girls Christian Home Ministries), email at info@bhchm.org, or by calling 888-305-2424.

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