Firm Foundations Project






Beginning this past summer, changes on the campus of BGCH could be seen.

There is a lot of preparation that goes in to a huge renovation project like this, and sometimes it is hard to get the ball rolling.  But it is rolling now!  Starting with basic campus clean up and continuing with repairing and replacing the security wall that surrounds our campus, signs of change are everywhere.   The wall is now secured and finished, and work has begun on preparing the Home of Peace to house over 80 boys to live within its walls during the construction of the Boys’ Dormitory.    Although progress has been impeded at times due to rains, things are back on track and moving right along.

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Firm Foundations Updated Pics

We have updated pictures of our Firm Foundations Project!! Click here to see some of the most recent photos of the work that’s been done so far.

Firm Foundations Fall 2017 Progress

It's happening people! The boys' dorm construction is officially underway. Please pray for safety for the many men and women working...and patience for the kids. Check out more Recent Media and...

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