Update on the Home of Peace




If you were to ever have the privilege of walking through the front gates of our campus, one of the first buildings your eyes would see is an unassuming structure tucked quietly off to the right of the campus.

This is our Home of Peace.

It was built in 1999 to provide shelter and a home for many elderly, widowed women who had found themselves without a home, without food, and without a place to lay their heads.  In this rural area, widows were not provided for and many were left begging on the streets of surrounding villages.  In answer to the call to not only look after orphans, but also widows, in their distress,  BGCH built the Home of Peace and for several years it brought safety and security to these women, many of whom were with us until they were called home to their Father.

In recent years, there have been many changes to policies within the Indian government.  One of these changes has greatly impacted our very own Home of Peace.

  One of these changes has greatly impacted our very own Home of Peace.

We are grateful to report that many families are now able to provide for their elderly parents through assistance that is offered by their government. Because of that, the need for the Home of Peace has greatly diminished, as all but one of our widows have left to live with family. This change has impacted BGCH in two ways…

1.) The first way BGCH has been impacted is that there no longer is a need to have a portion of the campus set aside for widows.

There are many of our supporters who have enjoyed and have very graciously given specifically for the needs of our widows and we have been so blessed by their heart for our women.  But this need no longer exists as it did.  So to be clear, any gifts given towards the Home of Peace will be directed towards the general needs of the campus instead, with specific emphasis placed on the Firm Foundations campaign as we work to rebuild.  And this leads us to the second way BGCH has been impacted.  The Home of Peace was built in 1999, and so therefore it is the second newest building on our campus.  We cannot let that go to waste!

2.) So here is our solution: the Home of Peace is currently being remodeled to be the temporary housing for all 83 of our boys while the Boys Dormitory is demolished and rebuilt.

Once their dormitory is finished and they are able to move in, the Home of Peace will be renovated once again and will become the new and permanent home to our campus school. 

So the whispered voices of our widowed women have been exchanged for the laughter and busyness of young boys in the halls of the Home of Peace. We are thankful for the way our Father always provides, in His timing and in His way, exactly what is needed . He never fails.

If you have any questions about the Firm Foundations project, or would like to discuss the changes that are being made to the Home of Peace, please contact us by Facebook message (Boys and Girls Christian Home Ministries), email at info@bhchm.org, or by calling 888-305-2424. We’d be happy to talk!


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